We're back! 

Join Lauren and Bud as they talk about trail and gym etiquette, gear, the latest happenings and even some risqué podcast recommendations. 

Today Bud and Lauren sit down with Aum Gandhi to talk ultrarunning and how he has used racing as a means to raise money for some amazing causes. You will be inspired by Aum's openness and his love of ultra. 

You can follow Aum and his fundraising efforts via the links below:

IG: https://instagram.com/theaumgandhi 

Richstone Family Center: https://www.richstonefamily.org/about-us/


Join us for our first episode of 2022. We talk about our time at Frozen Head State Park and include discussions on snow running, fast packing, car camping and bathing habits for the high and low maintenance ultra runner.


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the trail with Lauren and Bud? Well here's your chance!

Lauren and Bud take the podcast to the trail for a day of rucking, waterfalls, bigfoot stories, lunch at the pub and more. It's kind of like the podcast version of the Blair Witch Project...but much better and with bigfoot instead of witches.

You'll just have to listen for yourself. Enjoy!



Join Lauren and Bud as they talk about current and future running endeavors and Jim's No Business 100 attempt. 

Bud and Lauren sit down to talk all things Bigfoot 200. Did it end in a buckle? Did we find Bigfoot? You'll have to listen and see....

Hey friends, join Lauren and Bud as they talk about prepping for the upcoming Bigfoot 200 in Washington State. Of course there are the latest trail happenings and other shenanigans on the table as well. Join us!

Meet Jim Fleming who claimed first place at H.O.T.S 2021. This amazing road race whisks runners away on a bus to an unknown starting location 300+ miles away. Runners have 10 days to make it back on their own. Listen to how Jim not only survived but conquered the Hear of the South!


At the end, Bud and Lauren play catch-up and listen to Lauren freak out about her looming 200 miler. Enjoy!

Join Lauren and Bud as they talk all things nutrition and hydration on the trail.

We talk about our tried and true favorite trail foods and even sample some new ones. We'll share our favorite tips and major fails. We hope you find this informative and entertaining. Take us with you on your long run this weekend and tell us about your favorite trail fuel!

Today is a fun episode where we talk about our recent run in the Smoky Mountains and even get to chat with our friend Tony at the finish line of his Stillhouse 100K race.  We've (not-so-seamlessly) woven together this episode using snippets from our trail run and Tony's finish line. Enjoy!

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